A full-service payroll service provider that manages your payroll and pension process from start to finish.
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UKCA offers end-to-end payroll services for accounting firms in the UK. Our capability to handle complex payroll ecosystems, with experience stretch (traverse) across different industries, we bring adaptive, understanding perspective throughout the entire payroll process. We deliver the best payroll solutions that address the complete gamut enterprise-payroll needs.

Our payroll processing services assist businesses in improving payroll management. Businesses are required to create accurate salary components. Being truthful with employee’s leads to better business outcomes and a higher return on investment.

Dealing with payroll management systems is difficult, but our payroll outsourcing services makes it easier.We will also handle all matters concerning workplace pensions such as employee communication and issue all necessary legal and pension documents.It is necessary to have extensive knowledge of human resource management and strategies to balance the organization’s workflow.

Our highly-skilled payroll and pensions support team will assist you at every step and guide you through any process changes, if required as per your business requirement.


Scope Of Work

- Setting up employees with the help of starter forms
- Processing payroll as per payment frequency
- Filing of RTI as per the deadline
- Processing of various statutory deduction e.g. SSP, SMP, SPP etc.
- Generating various reports after each payroll process e.g. Payslips, P11, Employee Detailed, P30, P32 etc.
- Setting up various pension schemes and compliances
- Pension Calculation and submitting details to pension providers
- Year end process and filing final submissions and issuing P60 forms
- Issuing P45s for leavers
- Various government compliances including registering and de-registering client for PAYE scheme

Accounting Solutions is what drives the business.