To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we provide a variety of engagement options for our accounting services.

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Built with scalability in mind, you may scale up or down your teams without resorting to additional hiring costs.
Ad-hoc Model / (Pay As You Go)
  • Pay only for the number of hours we worked in a month
  • Per hour rate on the basis of volume of work
  • Billing frequency will be monthly
  • Best for small firms with uncertain flow of work
Full Time Employee / Part Time Employee
  • Dedicated staff member on exclusive basis
  • Fixed monthly billing
  • Best for medium size to large size firm
  • Rate could vary depending upon services required
  • Our standard number of hours are 130 per month for Full Time Employee and 70 per month for Part Time Employee
Fixed Price Agreement Model
  • Block of number of hours for the period of 3 months / 6 months / 1 year
  • Total number of hours can be utilised until the period ends
  • Billing frequency will be monthly
  • Number of hours will be counted on the base of work completed in a month

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