Khushbu Sanghvi

Brand and Marketing Manager

Khushbu is the Brand and Marketing Manager. She holds a Master’s in Accountancy and a Bachelor’s in Education.

She is an Enthusiastic, Energetic and Passionate lady- “A ball of energy” as we call her. One who always has a smile on her face. She analyses all the challenges encountered strategically and comes up with the best solution.

She aims to contribute each and every day towards becoming a better version of herself. She is the one who will without fail insist on being positive at all times and she always looks forward to tackling upcoming challenges with a fresh approach and as usual a big smile.

Her Interest includes:

  • Book Worm: 100/100
  • Problem Solver: 99/100
  • Philomath: 85/100
  • Workoholic: 110/100